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CCS/CAPTIVATE-PGMR: Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

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Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi. Just received the TI MSP Captivate programmer kit which arrived this afternoon. Downloaded and installed the latest CCS toolchain - installed ok and we granted permission for the low level device drivers to also install during each pop-up.

Now mating the MSP 430 programmer (as shipped from the factory) with the mated TI Captivate PCBs (FR2633) + end touch board supplied in the kit.

Seated the micro USB cable and see a yellow bang in Device Manager that refuses to install. What are we doing wrong? The driver should have installed with the toolchain (according to the many posts on this forum).

Removed and reseated into other USB ports and nothing. Something in this driver package distribution is broken. No LED4 blink as the IDs have not yet paired with the required signed INF files.

Buggy software or did we miss to alter the factory settings on the received kit? Do we need to do a PC system reboot?

Perhaps a good idea to post the complete device driver package on the MSP430 Fet Programmer webpage which is blank?

45 minutes of downtime and counting :(

  • More, an hour later and still not working - moved to a HP laptop running XP32 and see the same cable with same programmer enumerate as a composite USB widget.

    So this design has USB conformance problems with some motherboard chipsets? We have not seen this with other USB tools we use in the lab.

    As a HID class device, no driver should have been required. It should be a native installation.

    Hoping there is a resolution to this so we can evaluate if the TI devices are suitable for our pending designs. Have over a $1k worth of tools here waiting to be tested.
  • In reply to Kumar Bhatia:

    Hi Kumar,

    The CapTIvate programmer is a USB composite device which features the MSPFET programmer and a HID communications bridge for handling high speed data between the target MCU and CapTIvate design center.

    For the HID bridge, yes, no drivers are required.  This is provided by the OS.

    The MSPFET requires the drivers as part of the CCS tool chain and show up as application UART and programmer in the LPT/COM ports.

    So did you install CCS or just the MSPFET drivers?

    You can also use the cloud version of CCS.  It will install only the necessary driver for the programmer.

    There are probably thousands of these boards out there now and we have no reports of conformance problems with certain motherboards.

    I know this sounds silly, but try a different USB cable, or a known good quality one.

    Let me know what you discover.

    Dennis Lehman

  • In reply to Dennis Lehman:

    Hi Dennis. Thanks for your comments.

    1) The cable being tested was supplied with the kit. Also tested another with the same results.

    2) Same cable & programmer is enumerated correctly as you have noted (as a composite device) on an older HP laptop running XP32. Same cable & programmer is enumerated correctly and in seconds on a different (Gigabyte) motherboard using Windows 7 OS supplied HID drivers. Simply auto-installed in seconds.

    3) After another 2 hours of tinkering, found the details of Uniflash and then selected the FR2633 target that is onboard the purchased Captivate kits -> loaded the firmware (pre-compiled by TI) and the toolchain then informed us that the firmware onboard the programmer was stale. After another 2 updates, the target FR2633 was flashed and we were operational late last night. Took about 4 hours to get to this stage. We must be slow...

    A quick doc on how to apply factory supplied bins would be of help on the posted document websites. Just grab Uniflash -> select the target and load the bin. Command line tools are daunting for a first time MSP customer. The details of this process are not crystal clear and scattered across too many landing pages.

    4) Brought the "working" paired kits to work today and same fault is raised. There is some quirk with the timing of this kit and the motherboard Z97 Gaming 5. Latest BIOS upgrade & motherboard drivers have been applied on this Windows 7 64 bit OS.

    Do not think the issue is with Windows as the same PC is using the MS mouse that is also a HID device - no faults with the use of the mouse. We have many installed kits from other suppliers and have not seen this quirk.

    As a possible work around, looking around for an add-on host adapter using a different USB host controller. Believe we have an OEM design we did for HP somewhere here (based on the NEC USB 2.0 controller) so will check and report our findings.

    Openly the lack of operation of the USB interface is now a no care as we do not plan to use TI parts for our USB designs (could be the quirk of the USB hub controller onboard this programmer) but rather the end device that is on the kit.

    On a positive note, the kit under test works quite well and has our confidence to proceed to a custom layout. There is something wrong with this kit and the relationship to at least this motherboard for HID device. Time permitting, can check against a USB bus analyzer and post the log for your review.

    We really require this (more powerful) lab system to be operational with this same set of tools.Will try to see if the XP32 laptop is able to support your CCS and Uniflash tools as a work around.

    Nonworking board: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard with Intel I5 CPU

    Thanks again,

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