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MSP-EXP430FR5739 BSL Scripter

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I got stuck with the MSP-EXP430FR5739 and tried to unlock it with BSL_Scripter.exe from slau319a, using BSL_Scripter.exe script.txt from "Demo Scripts" 5438_Open_JTAG, but it didn't work.

When setting the communication to USB the result of each line was DONE, and setting the communication to COM10 (which is the assigned COM port of my MSP-EXP430FR5739 board) the results of Mass Erase: and RX Password: have been FAIL(ee), the result of Writing JTAG_UNLOCK.txt to device: was FAIL writing data block starting at 17fc. But the device is still locked.

I assume the MSP430FR5739 needs a special BSL-Scripter. Where do I find it?

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    This is really great news that you found a way to have a BSL without using additional Hardware. Congratulations! That's the way it should be!

    I always was wondering why the BSL is not built into the USB interface. Then my idea was, this USB interface hasn't implemented DTR nor RTS, for whatever reason.

    I am interested in testing your BSL interface. How can I become a tester for it?  

    By the way, would this work for the Launchpad, too? That  would be really great!

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    I will post it here in a few days. It has a 474-byte footprint and uses the on-chip UART. This is acceptable for MSP-EXP430FR5739 but not for Launchpad.

    I have another custom BSL with 192-byte footprint and uses bit-banging instead of UART. This is okay for LaunchPad. But it needs the PC to send binary bytes (as oppose to ASCII). Do you know an existing program on PC that can do this?

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    Thanks for your fast response! I appreciate that very much!

    Since decades I am using a terminal evaluation which I have written in Win32Forth, using Tom Zimmer's WINSER.F as base, to find in the Win32Forth Demo folder.
    It is really no problem to send and receive binary data with it.

    Since a while I am working on vF-Terminal, a Windows GUI programmed with visualFORTH specially to use it with Forth on Launchpad and the FRAM board.
    I can put it on my BSL-Website for download asap. It should be no problem to download files having a binary code. I will report when it is available.

    At the moment I am working on a serial interface for the MSP430G2553 to use it on Launchpad. It has to be a software UART, because the hardware UART has RX and TX crossed.

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    Thank you!

    Could you test my 192-byte BSL for LaunchPad? I will post it tonight under the subject: "Custom BSL for LaunchPad"

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    Okay, I will do this!

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    Sorry. I had trouble with my LaunchPad.

    Here is the @Loader for the MSP-EXP430FR5739 board ==>

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    Thanks for your note! You don't have to apologize, but I was wondering and thinking I should get a note from you before starting to do something. But really, the last week was totally filled up, because I am working on a Forth promotion.

    I opened your and have read your Read_Me.doc.

    If I understand correctly, after having loaded your @Loader into the MSP430FR5739, it will be possible to load hex-files in TI msp430-txt format into the MSP430FR5739 simply by using Hyperterminal instead of an IDE or another flashing tool.

    To get your @Loader into the MSP430FR5739 a hardware BSL-Interface, such as I made one, could be used.
    But as a more convenient way, instead of using a hardware BSL-Interface, IAR's IDE KickStart can be used to assemble, link, and download the source code FR5739EXP_BSL.s43 file.

    So, having followed your advice, I do not need the IAR tool anymore nor do I need a hardware BSL converter anyway.

    The only thing is I have to have a compiler which compiles my programs and outputs the sourcecode in TI msp430-txt format.

    Is that correct?    

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    You understood me perfectly. If you run into any problem, or have suggestions, please let me know.


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    just to add information regarding the UART BSL Interface. There is a new application note showing how to use Launchpad as the hardware interface for MSP430 UART BSL:


    Leo Hendrawan

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