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MSP430FR2522: Programming custom MSP430FR2522 custom board

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Part Number: MSP430FR2522

Hi everybody

I'm newby in TI products and tools.

I got the MSP430FR2633 Dev Kt including the Captivate-PGMR board to evaluate the features of this MCU familly. The results are impressive ;)

Then decided to design a new simple board by using MSP430FR2522 MCU and test it with a simple capacitive buttons (self and/or mutual) in order to enhace my knowlage of captivate MCU familly.

Now, my questions are :

-How I can load the bootloader (BSL?) on this MCU target ? Is there any description or tutorial on this topic?

-Can I do it with Captivate-PGMR board?

Thanks in advance for your valuable answers