[FAQ] MSP430™ Development Guide Book v1.0

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Hi E2E,

We have made a MSP430™ Development Guide Book to give some help to use MSP430.

Message from the editors:

This pocket reference is intended as a valuable quick guide for all MSP430 resource. Yes, our aim is to put all we have of MSP430 in this book! That means you can call it as a MSP430 resource introduction and link entrance book. You can use this book as a MSP430 getting started guide, a self-learning book of MSP430, a dictionary to find the answers of your questions about MSP430 or a guide book when you develop applications based on MSP430. No matter the fresher or master of MSP430, they all can benefit a lot from this development guide book. If you have any comments and/or ideas for the next edition of the MSP430TM Development Guide Book, you can feedback by creating a thread in E2E, under MSP low-power microcontroller forum or directly feedback under this thread.



Revision History







Eason Zhou/Maggie Zhang/Johnson He

First version


5078.MSP430™ Development Guide Book v1.0.pdf

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