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MSP432 revision C and red MSP432 Launchpad tools version requirements

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP432WARE, MSP432P401R, MSP-EXP432P401R, MSPWARE

If you have a revision C or later MSP432P401R device, or a red MSP-EXP432P401R Launchpad (versus the black pre-release Launchpad version, which had a revision B device), you will need updated MSP432ware, CCS, IAR, or Keil tools. Please see this web page for information regarding migration from revision B to revision C: See also the app note Moving From Evaluation to Production With MSP432P401x MCUs



  • Thanks for the migration information!
  • Hi,

    i have checked this file  and my project is still not working as before.

    I am trying to port from old revision to new revision.

    First i import an empty project from new MSPware to my workspace.

    Than add my files from the old project to this one.

    The problem is that the UART interrupt is not working. The MCU isnot  going to any low power mode.

    I added a pin button interrupt to check and if i press it nothing happens. I have to first click pause and than start.

    After that i  press the button again and it goes to the break point.

    I am using the latest CCS 6.2 and this is what is installed:

    Here is the example installed on my desktop:

    Am i missing something?

  • I download the new driver lib and installed on CCS and with the converter tool i convert all the *.c files from the project.
    But this still dont solve the problem.
    The interrupt button i have to click pause and start again to make it work. UART interrupt still doenst reacts.
    Any idea?


    So i have delete  the old driverlib and replace it with the new one on ccs install directory.

    The UART Interrupt does gets handled when i press pause and start and then it goes to the break point.

    If the code depends on interrupt the debugger seems to be waiting for the pause and start to see where he is at.

    I disconnected from the debugger power cicle the board and try to comunicate with the msp without debugging, but it doesnt reacts.

    Again i am not going to low power mode. Does the MSP432 goes automatically to LPM?

  • Hi,

    i startet an empty project and add the files one after the other.
    Now it seems to be working. The only problem i am having is on the I2C bus.
    It is not working with interrupts. Maybe is a setup problem.
    My question is when should i use the prefix "MAP_" and when not?
    Which compiler works with the new revision "v15.12.3.LTS" or "v16.6.0.STS"?


  • Michael,

    Please make a new E2E post in order for us to address your issue.
  • Can I exchange a black MSP432 Launchpad for a red one with the updated silicon?
  • Hi, I still have a batch of black MSP432 LPs I had bought at launch to give away to university students to introduce them to embedded development. Can you please clarify which is the last version of CCS7 that supports them out of the box, so that I can point them to the proper download link? This document:

    is quite clear about MSP432 Ware and MSP432 Driver Library but confusing on MSP432 Device Support Files, are they part of the two former packages or are they stand-alone?

    It states that you could continue to use that silicon until June 2017, which is now. So is CCS 7.2 the first revision NOT supporting it or is it still OK? Can you please instruct me on the best strategy to block crucial updates that would brake the toolchain for the duration of the course?

    Thanks for helping
  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting to the forum.

    We highly recommend switching to the Rev2.0 (red) LaunchPads. CCS7.x will continue to support it & we plan to discontinue support for the next major update most likely CCS8.0. However MSP432Ware has already been deprecated and as such we have not deployed any bug fixes or patches for firmware version supporting the black Launchpads.

    The supported way to use MSP432 is not MSP432Ware but  rather the SimpleLink SDK found at :

    Can you provide us some information on how many black LaunchPads you have and which University?



  • Priya,

    thank you for your quick and kind reply, I guess it's safe to point them to the current 7.2 release then and I'm aware of the new SimpleLink path, sorry for the hassle but as I mentioned the document was a bit unclear. I just want to point out that I wasn't looking for replacements, as I don't intend to throw away the black LPs. They're perfectly fine for learning - and even more so to experiment with them with even less concerns - and there are ethical and environmental issues with throwing away new non-production educational tools that are perfectly usable. Another reason that they will be used is that they will be given to students who might have potential interest in embedded development, but might also never follow up. It's also good practice for them to understand hardware deprecation and toolchain management practices. The fact that they are black and that they sport "Engineering sample" hardware could also be a selling point for potential hackers. In any case I have seven of them left from a previous introductory course I held here in Rome. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to disclose more information on this public forum, but you can contact me privately if you want (BTW I know ME who's now on the UP personally, so you can also relate to him for any info).

    I really appreciate your awesome help!