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MSP430FR5989-EP: Operating Temperatures

Part Number: MSP430FR5989-EP

Hi all,

We are using a MSP430FR5989-EP, part number M430FR5989SRGCREP, and we need to run at 100ºC.

While taking a look at the datasheet the operating temperature it's not clear. What's the actual value?

The datasheet contains a detail of the nomenclature for parts, from the part number (M430FR5989SRGCREP) would have temperature range S, for which the operating temperature would range from -40°C to 50°C. On the other hand, on the lower part of the chart, it says that for ‘–EP’ parts, the temperature range is -40°C to 105°C.

To make it worse on the Packaging Information section there is a chart that has a summary of some parts characteristics. From this chart, the operating temperature range is -55°C to 95°C.


Can anyone please help us understand which is the actual operating temperature range?


What can happen to a part if it's used at 100º if it's outside its range? Will it become less reliable?


Any help to clarify this is welcome.

  • Agustin,

    The correct temperature range for the M430FR5989SRGCREP is -55 to 95c.

    This is fairly consistent through the datasheet.   The confusion comes in with Figure 7-1 for device nomenclature.

    This figure shows the device naming for all of the MSP430 devices in this family.

    The -EP device does not quite fit this mold, and it has its own entry in the Optional features.

    It incorrectly shows -40 to 105c.   This should show -55 to 95c.

    The S  in the figure should represent "Special" temp range, and not strictly a 0 to 50.

    Using the EP device at 100c will be outside of the warranted conditions.   There should not be inherent reasons for the device to not operate correctly at 105 since there is a catalog variant up to 105c.  However, the EP device was not tested nor characterized beyond 95c.

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  • Thanks!

    That clarifies the range.

    We require high reliability in our products and we run accelerated aging. If we run the parts at 100º can we trust them afterwards? Can we get -EP parts rated for higher temp?

  • Agustin,

    This will pull up a list of all EP MSP430 devices released.  One of the columns is the temp range.

    Your reliability question is not one that can be easily quantified.

    TI uses design goals/rules to achieve 50FIT at 105c for 10 year life.