MSP430G2553: msp430g2553 UART firmware update using BSL problem

Part Number: MSP430G2553

Hello Support executive,

My task is to upgrade msp430 firmware over UART. I manage to make application which write firmware to msp430 flash memory. I have validated it by reading MCU flash memory.

I am facing problem in starting firmware after flashing over UART. Following command I am using.

1. Enter BSL mode with RESET and TEST gpio

2. mass erase msp430 flash memory so that we get bsl password reset to default.

3. set default bsl password.

4. write firmware over uart.

5. Exit bsl mode using RESET gpio.

After above command expected stuff is that we should get our firmware up and running but it seems that no firmware run inside chip. Also after above sequence if we flash msp430 via JTAG then also it did not work. So can any one guide me if we are missing something ?