I have problem with MSP430G2402IPW20 

I using the Iar system in assembler only and just using may item of msp430 family, model F, G and Fr too from long time.

now I using  MSP430G2402IPW20 and have probelm with emulation, I using it at 12 mHz with internal calibrtation , 

and running properly and I  use  also the information memory like eeprom memory..

The problem is that if I leave the watchdog disable I can put many brekpoint without any problem 

and all running properly, but if I enable  watchdog and put  any  breakpoint  immediately have a reset,

If do not put any breakpoint running properly , this is a problem for emulation. 

for Emulation I using Iar embedded workbanch 6.50.1 

may be I make mistake can yuo help to understand were ? 

thank you