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TMS570LC4357: CAN Bootloader flashing FreeRTOS

Part Number: TMS570LC4357


I used Hercules CAN Bootloader example for TMS570LC43 to flash application that is being run within FreeRTOS. The thing is that when I flash the app when I'm in debug mode of CCS, application will work after first reset. If I reset the Launchpad again, application won't work. After loading the program symbols, I see that the app is looping through the functions of the scheduler but the tasks are not being switched. It is always stuck inside one task.  

My application start address is: 0x00010020

Here is my HL_sys_intvecs.asm from bootloader

.sect ".intvecs"

; import reference for interrupt routines

.ref _c_int00

; interrupt vectors

b _c_int00 ;0x00
b #0x10018 ;
b #0x10018 ;
b #0x10018 ;
b #0x10018 ;
b #0x10018 ;0x14
ldr pc,[pc, #-0x1b0] ;0x18
ldr pc,[pc, #-0x1b0] ;0x1C

and the linker script from applications looks like this:

VECTORS (X) : origin=0x00010020 length=0x00000020
KERNEL (RX) : origin=0x00010040 length=0x00008040
FLASH0 (RX) : origin=0x00018080 length=0x001F7FE0
//FLASH1 (RX) : origin=0x00200000 length=0x00200000
STACKS (RW) : origin=0x08000000 length=0x00000800
KRAM (RW) : origin=0x08000800 length=0x00000800
RAM (RW) : origin=(0x08000800+0x00000800) length=(0x0007F800 - 0x00000800)


Do you have any ideas how to solve this issue? 

Thank you in advance.