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TM4C129XNCZAD: CCS is not working

Part Number: TM4C129XNCZAD
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DK-TM4C129X, SEGGER

Dear Sir,

We are currently having TM4C129X development board which are using TM4C129XCNZAD IC. The CCS is new compiler  for me .

1.Which CCS version suppport the above IC and It should be free?

2. I have insatlled the CCS 5.4 version come alongwith development board but after importing any example board project


We are getting the error "metadata cannot be interpreted ccs"

3. I have Segger Jlink but that also not recognised by CCS. Whats is an issue?

4. The pdf specify how to use CCS with TIVA C series  will not even work for simple hello program. We are not getting any display on development board.

Please specify any other setting require?

Please comment on each point.


  • Hi Rajesh,

      Sorry to hear that you run into trouble for the development board. CCS 5.4 is a very old version and TivaWare is not the latest TivaWare.

      Please use the latest CCS 10.3.1 version which you can download from

      Please download the latest TivaWare from It was recently released with more examples. 

      I'm confident that once you download the latest version of the above tools, the bring up will work smoothly. If not please let us know and we can assist you. 

  • Dear Charles,

    I am using 32 bit system PC so CCS10.3.1 is not compatible with it. So downloaded CCS 6.00.

    then also facing issue of importing. of blinky project  of TIVAware

    Getting error"

  • Hi,

      Is it possible for you to acquire a 64bit Windows 10 machine and install the latest CCS version that will make the whole process more smoothly? The error indicates the blinky program was built using the compiler version ARMv18.12 but you don't have this compiler version installed. You could install this version manually from However, the oldest version that is available from this download page is 18.12.7 which may still be a bit newer than the blinky program that was build in TivaWare Give it a try and see if that works. Again, I strong suggest you install the latest CCS version. 

  • Dear Charles 

    Compiler version ARMv18.12 is for 64 bit. You know overall situation

    I want to import/compile the example code of TIVA Ware to statup the practicing CCS.. The Development Board  is TM4C129XCNAD is old so it should be work with CCS 6.0 version.


  • Hello Rajesh,

    Charles is out for the next few days so I will take over in his place.

    Yes, your dev kit should still work with CCS v6.0, however the challenge you face is that as CCS moved to newer versions, project porting did not support older versions as well.

    We do support CCS v6 for TM4C in the sense that the devices can definitely be used with CCS v6, HOWEVER, TivaWare example projects do not support CCS v6 by default.

    What you need to do is create your own example project from scratch using the code we provide.

    Please follow our TivaWare User's Guide - particular Section 5 - to get TivaWare setup into a blank CCS project and then use the blinky.c code as your main code:

    You will need to make sure that libraries and files are linked based on Section 3.1 & 3.2 as well, though for blinky.c all you should need is driverlib.

  • Dear Ralph,

    I had installed CCS version 7 and it support segger Jlink  also .

    I am able to compile boot demo uart and porting the firmware using segger succesfully in my standalone PCB. Also able to debug.

    Previously I am using Keil Compiler and developed the code using Keil(TM4C129XCNZAD) and dumped the same code using segger and it is working fine and also able to debug succesfully.

    Now start using CCS  and able to dump code also but while debugging it gives attached error. I am new to CCS to not aware about CCS setting.

    What is below error issue? attaching the project

  • Hello Rajesh,

    The project you attached had a large number of other errors associated with it and it would take too much effort for me to try and untangle them all. Also it came with a directory setting of 'TivaWare 2.0'. What version of TivaWare are you using here?

    The way files have been included to the project does not look correct either, did you follow the steps in our User's Guide that I posted above?

  • Dear Ralph,

    I am new to CCS  and code which is imported is working in keil compiler. Lets forget it.

    I am using TIVA Ware . Now error resolved . In CCS  the global variable need to be intialize where as in Keil it automatically do  that part.

    Now my issue is 

    GrContextFontSet(&sContext_Label, &g_sFontCmss28b);
    GrContextForegroundSet(&sContext_Label, ClrWhite);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, "POSITION", -1,90,17, 0);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, "-", -1, 215, 12, 0);
    sprintf(pcBuffer, "%d", pui32Read);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, pcBuffer, -1, 225,17, 1);

    After executing last line ,I am getting Error

    "No source available for "0x20202020""

    What is an issue?

  • Hello Rajesh,

    Potentially an issue with stack overflow. What is the stack setting for the device set as?

    You can check this based on Section 7.1 of the TivaWare User's Guide:

    Another issue could be overflowing the buffer if that code was modified by you and not just taken from our example exactly as is.

  • After executing last line ,I am getting Error

    "No source available for "0x20202020""

    I think you are stepping through the code in the debugger, and you mistakenly hit the "step into" button.

    The graphics stuff is all in a library called grlib.lib. (Look in Project Properties => CCS Build => ARM Linker => File Search Path to see where it lives.)

    If you try to single-step into any of the graphics library function calls, you'll get the "No source available" complaint.

    If you feel the need to step through the graphics library source, delete the library from the linker's list and include the sources in your project.

  • Dear Ralph,

    Arm linker is pointed toward the exactly the location where my project belong.

    GrContextFontSet(&sContext_Label, &g_sFontCmss28b);
    GrContextForegroundSet(&sContext_Label, ClrWhite);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, "POSITION", -1,90,17, 0);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, "-", -1, 215, 12, 0);
    sprintf(pcBuffer, "%d", pui32Read);
    GrStringDraw(&sContext_Label, pcBuffer, -1, 225,17, 1);

    Actually I use sprint then PCBuffer show 1. Attched

    but next statement display white box on LCD. Why So?