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BQ78350-R1 configuration and data flash reading using STM32

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I'm new in this forum, and this is the first time I work with BQ78350.

I'm working on a custom project, in which I use BQ78350, so I need to read data flash and to configure the device using STM32 over the SMBus. I can't fin a way!

Need help please 

Thank you

  • Greetings,

    Have you realized that you 'appear' to be asking an MCU 'vendor' - to advise upon the, 'Operation of another's (i.e. an MCU competitor's) device?' 

    Employing one of 'this vendor's MCUs' - rather than (any) competitor's - is (likely) to yield superior results...

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    Also notable - the BQ78350's life-cycle status is NRND (Not Recommended for New Designs)...

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    Details ... details...!

    Poster may have achieved a, 'Double Fault' - and, 'All Grand Slam Events have already completed - this year.'    Pity.

  • Hi Mahdi,

    If you are using the BQ78350-R1 for the first time, it is best to start with the BQStudio and the EV2400 tool to configure your data flash settings the first time. Once you have set up all of the parameters to your satisfaction (make sure you have gone through the Gas Gauging steps in this app note to configure your ChemID and CEDV parameters for accurate gauging: http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/slua924), then you can move over to your MCU, refer to this app note to learn how to use the Block Write commands to write your data flash: http://www.ti.com/lit/an/slua742/slua742.pdf

    If you have a logic analyzer, you can execute these commands from BQStudio to observe the SMBus bytes to help your debug.

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    Had you noted that an (earlier) poster had found the 'BQ78350' to have been 'declared NR/ND?'    

    Should that 'prove so' - might you suggest alternative devices?     Thank you.

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    The "BQ78350" as cited in the body of the posters message is apparently NRND, see: https://www.ti.com/product/BQ78350

    But, now I see that the subject line of the poster's message cites "BQ78350-R1", which is its recommended replacement.

    A nice weekend to all!

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    Wonderful - yet, 'NOW you tell us!'    (Poster likely (now) has, 'ONE Service remaining' (I'd expect an American Twist - loaded w/spin...)