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[FAQ] TM4C1294KCPDT: Do you have an example of a HTTP Server on a TivaC device running TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS)?

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Part Number: TM4C1294KCPDT

I'm looking for an example that shows a HTTP Server on a TivaC device that is running TI-RTOS and the NDK.

  • The file at the bottom contains a PowerPoint presentation and the files necessary to:

    • Build an HTTP Server: There are both simple text pages and CGI functions that allow code to executed.
    • Reading Webpages from SD Card: It is also possible to read webpages from an SD card, using the TI-RTOS SDSPI driver. The zip file also contains instructions (and files) on how to accomplish this.
    • DHCP Server: Finally the PPT in the zip covers how to have your target be a DHCP Server.

    The zip file contains the needed html and converted header files. The presentation assumes you have a EK-TM4C1294XL board, but the concepts can be used on other boards.


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    Hey, thanks --  this is quite useful.