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Part Number: MSP432E401Y

Dear TI Members,

I am working on the sdk example,"httpserver_MSP_EXP432E401Y_tirtos_ccs". In my application i would like to GET AND POST some parameters like baud rate, data bits from html web page.

I have developed a sample web page "index.html" and  for that i have generated "index.h" file by using "makefsfile.exe".

And i am calling the "index.html" web page in "URLSimple_process" using URLHandler_GET method and 

HTTPServer_sendSimpleResponse(ssock, returnCode, contentType,INDEX_SIZE,index) function.

So after downloading the code, i have opened corresponding html page using: ip_address/index.html. and it was successfully opening the web page.

Now, i would like to know how to retrieve the data using URLHandler_POST method and also what are the changes i need to do in html page and in URLSimple_process function.

My html code:


[TI - code copied to file:example_html_code.txt]

I am new to this html programming and networking...

Help me on this.. I struck here from a long time...

Thanks & Regards


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  • Hello Kalyan,

    I will try to find an answer for you.  I will try to respond in 24hr.

    Dennis Lehman

  • In reply to Dennis Lehman:

    Hi Kalyan,

    I'm coming up empty on this one.  Like you, I am not an expert on html or networking.  I'm trying to find someone who does.

    Dennis Lehman

  • In reply to Dennis Lehman:

    Hello Dennis Lehman,

    Waiting for your reply sir..



  • In reply to kalyan konidela:

    Hi Kalyan,

    Since I can't locate an expert on this device I will have to set this up on the MSP432 and see what is needed.  This may take a few days since I don't have this device with me today at my remote work location and will need to order one from our TI factory.

    Dennis Lehman

  • In reply to Dennis Lehman:

    Ok sir, Thank you for the reply.