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Hi sir,

As per TI suggestion for USB Host, I got the sample code from Micrium and it is working.

Here, the problem is that Micrium code is in IAR - IDE, I need this USB Host code in CCS.

So, please if you had changed that code to CCS can you please forward me.

If you don't have that code, please give me any suggestion where I can get sample code for USBH in CCS.

Thanks & Regards,

Praveena M.

  • Hi Praveena,

    We don't have any documentation and tools for converting IAR project to CCS.

    TI HALCoGen tool can generate driver and startup code for IAR IDE and CCS. You can use those two projects as references when converting your IAR project to CCS project.

  • Hi Wang,

    As, per your suggestion I have created the project and started converting the Micrium code from IAR to CCS.

    But, the problem is  Micrium code has some files in Real Time Kernel code which leads to many errors.

    I am not able to solve that errors.

    So, please try to help me to solve this issue.

    Is there any possibility where I can get direct code in CCS for USBH.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Praveena M.