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I have a nearly 10 year old mobile set nokia 5110i.

I planned to take out its LCD, and after a lot of care I successfully got it without damaging it!!

I found that it has 9 pins instead of 8.

I would like to know the pinout

Moreover, a sticker on its back reads out:

UG-08T02D 4850113 S130 25 08

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    - kel

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  • Vikram Singh Bisht

    I have a nearly 10 year old mobile set nokia 5110i...(seek to reclaim it's Lcd)...

    While free (via reclamation) is good - have you considered the fact that all of your pending, "time/effort/focus" may yield a, "one-time only" success?  (results should that exact Lcd not be quickly/easily/economically available for new/bulk purchase)

    Further - w/in past 10 years displays have improved (contrast, viewing angle, power demanded) thus you "miss out" on multiple benefits.

    Final caution - displays aimed @ consumer market often employ special connectors/cables - all of your handling forward must occur with extreme, gentle care.  (so easy to "fracture" the conductive traces w/in Lcd's cable)

    Today's mainstream display - while not free - enjoys the prospect of quick/easy replacement and enables you to, "Learn & code once - deploy many times!"  That (long past) Nokia display - not so much...  Perhaps this analysis warrants consideration...

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    I need to know the function of following pins:

          pin4     DorC
          pin5     Cs
          pin6     Osc (32768Hz from external clock, not used; this lcd works fine with internal osc )
          pin8     Vout(DC/DC voltage converter)

    Does it work on SPI? What is the use of Vout and Osc in addition to the other pins I have asked?
    Do I need a Driver with this LCD?
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    Vikram Singh Bisht


    Pistol-shot echos loudly - cb1 office...  (this - after head-banging - fine, terra-cotta hallway - failed to achieve objective...)

    Many - not all - did use "near SPI."   Visit Sparkfun website - believe they carry very similar - except they've documentation and perhaps adapter board - raising your odds...  And - if you (finally) succeed - prepare for a, "sub-par" viewing experience...)