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DRV10983EVM: Motor Speed Not changed rotate at constant speed

Part Number: DRV10983EVM
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     i try run motor at different speed

for testing purpose i use i2c  speed control

when i enter 0  the motor stop

but when i set 1  the motor start at 8000rpm

How can i run different speed ?

i am also try Analog Method Same Problem

in PWM Mode also Same Problem 

  • Hi Senthil,

    What is the position of the jumper on J2? It should be on 2-3, using the PWMIN digital input. If it's set to 1-2 then the potentiometer will control the speed, and digital communication for speed may be unpredictable.  

    From there you can control the motor speed from the GUI with the speed control in the bottom right. This is found on the display tab. If you check page 9 on the DRV10983 user guide, this should explain further. Here is the LINK



  • Hi,

        i try to all the Modes  the motor run in same speed no control  at the rpm of 8000rpm

    i set J2 as set to 1-2

    no control  of motor speed   its OFF  or ON ate the Speed of 8000rpm

    Here i enclosed my motor datasheets

    Motor B0612H1008 Rev B Motor Data (1).PDF

  • Hi,

    When you say you write 0 and 1, what register are you writing to? 

    When SpeedCtrl2, override bit is set to 1, then the position of J2 is ignored and will only follow IIC commands.

    From there you can use SpeedCtrl1 (all bits) + SpeedCtrl2 (bit0)  to control the speed of the motor. See screen shot below.

    Does this answer your question?



  • I am using  DRV109xx EVM  software from PC   Where can i set in the tool  Speedctrl1   and 2 

  • Hi Sethil,

    Please use the DRV109xx GUI (I think you have this installed). Once you launch the GUI then you will select DRV10983. From here navigate to the display tab. Them, in the bottom right of the panel you will see the speed control selection.

    To see the values in all the registers, not just EEPROM, go to file -> Save configuration. It will save as a text file which you can open to read from all registers. 

    Does this help answer you question?



  • Thanks for info

    Now the Motor OFF  when set 0

    but Motor RPM always 8200RPM  whatever the values set from 1 to 510

    my setting as follows

    DRV10983_SpeedCtrl1 00
    DRV10983_SpeedCtrl2 80
    DRV10983_DevCtrl 00
    DRV10983_EECtrl 40
    DRV10983_Status 6F
    DRV10983_MotorSpeed1 00
    DRV10983_MotorSpeed2 00
    DRV10983_MotorPeriod1 00
    DRV10983_MotorPeriod2 00
    DRV10983_MotorKt1 00
    DRV10983_MotorKt2 00
    DRV10983_MotorCurrent1 00
    DRV10983_MotorCurrent2 00
    DRV10983_IPDPosition 00
    DRV10983_SupplyVoltage 00
    DRV10983_SpeedCmd 00
    DRV10983_spdCmdBuffer 00
    DRV10983_AnalogInLvl 00
    DRV10983_FaultCode 00
    DRV10983_TBD 00
    DRV10983_MotorParam1 4A
    DRV10983_MotorParam2 4E
    DRV10983_MotorParam3 2A
    DRV10983_SysOpt1 00
    DRV10983_SysOpt2 98
    DRV10983_SysOpt3 E4
    DRV10983_SysOpt4 7A
    DRV10983_SysOpt5 8C
    DRV10983_SysOpt6 69
    DRV10983_SysOpt7 B7
    DRV10983_SysOpt8 AD
    DRV10983_SysOpt9 0C
    DRV10983_SysOpt10 E0
    DRV10983_Trim0 B8
    DRV10983_Trim1 BC
    DRV10983_Trim2 D3
    DRV10983_Trim3 22
    DRV10983_Trim4 C4
    DRV10983_Trim5 34
    DRV10983_Trim6 1C
    DRV10983_Trim7 2E
    DRV10983_Trim8 9D
    DRV10983_ID 12
    DRV10983_ADC1 2C
    DRV10983_ADC2 11
    DRV10983_SCORE0 00
    DRV10983_SCORE1 00
    DRV10983_SCORE2 00
    DRV10983_SCORE3 00
    DRV10983_SCORE4 00
    DRV10983_Test0 00
    DRV10983_Test1 00
    DRV10983_Test2 00
    DRV10983_Test3 40
    DRV10983_Test4 08
    DRV10983_Test5 00
    DRV10983_Test6 00
    DRV10983_Test7 00
    DRV10983_Test8 00
    DRV10983_ScanEn1 00
    DRV10983_ScanEn2 00

  • Hi,

    The motor back EMF parameter is programmed incorrectly. Please set this to a value of 40mV/Hz. You can find this under the basic tab - motor parameters.

    Also, disable AVS (anti voltage surge, inductive and mechanical). You can find these in the advanced tab. 

    Please let me know if this resolves your issue.



  • Hi,

         Thanks For Your Input.

    Now the Motor Vary the Speed

    but its maximum RPM Now 8100rpm   both analog Mode and I2C Control Mode.

    i want to Max 12000 rpm

    which Parameters to set to attain the Max Speed

  • Hi Senthil,

    I see that the motor resistance (phase to center tap) is around 1.1 Ohms. Can you program a value lower than 1.1 ohms? Is the supply voltage Vcc at 24V? Also, can you adjust the lead time? Refer to this app note on how to tune lead time. 



  • Hi Senthil,

    Can we help you with anything else? If not I'll close this thread.