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DRV8353RS-EVM: To interface MAXON EC90 Flat Motor

Part Number: DRV8353RS-EVM

Hello Team, 

        We would like to interface MAXON EC90 Flat Motor (Brushless DC Geared Motor) with DRV8353RS EVM. We are using Texas MCU which came default with this EVM (ISO-F2807F). We used DRV8353RS GUI to run the Motor, and the Motor is not rotating. With reference to this datasheet ( InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION User's Guide (Rev. H), We found that only BLDC motors with no load can work well. So, Are there any possibilities available for this MAXON EC 90 Motor? We also tried updating the user.h files as per motor specifications. Yet the same issue occurs.

Thanks and Regards


  • Hello Jesintha,

    To fully understand the situation, I have a few clarification questions:

    • What is the supply voltage of your system?
    • Does the GUI show that your motor is connected?
    • Does the GUI show any faults when you are attempting to spin the motor?
    • Is there any indication that the motor is attempting to spin (sound, motion, etc.)?
    • Have you tried spinning your motor without a load?



  • Hii Johnny,

    • The supply voltage of the DRV8353RS EVM is 9-95 V and for Motor is 48 V.
    • We tried spinning a small BLDC motor with 3 Hall sensors of 24 V without any load, The motor spins fine in both directions.
    • When we tried Spinning MAXON EC90 Motor (Geared BLDC), We could get few indications such as sound and vibrations for the motor is attempting to spin. But gets struck. 
    • Yes, The GUI shows that the motor is connected in both cases.
    • No faults and errors were sees in GUI while attempting to spin the motor. The motor identification process also reached the end.
  • Hello Jesintha,

    Can you check all of the values under the "Motor Identification" section in the GUI? There's a question mark symbol next to each parameter which tells you how to determine the correct value for your motor. If you have left these parameters at their default values, there's a chance that your motor will not be properly identified.

    Also, make sure the current limit threshold of the 48V supply is high enough so that it is not being reached during the motor identification sequence. 



  • Hello Johnny, 

    I have changed the values for each parameter as per the design we are using and tried today. The same results occurred. The motor is attempting to spin as I said before. I have also enclosed user.h file & MAXON motor datasheet with this.

    0882.user.h . 


  • Hello Jesintha,

    The values which you are using in your user.h file for Rs, Ls_d, and Ls_q match the values which are mentioned in the motor data sheet for phase to phase terminal resistance and inductance. The motor parameters that the GUI uses is the phase to center tap resistance and inductance, not phase to phase. In order for these values to be correct, you should use values which are half of what you currently are using for these parameters.

    If you still have issues with motor identification after changing these values, could you please provide screenshots of your GUI just after you begin the motor identification process, and just after the motor identification process has been completed?



  • Hello Johnny,

     Thank you for your fast responses. After changing the values of Rs, Ls_d, and Ls_q. Now the motor started to spin. And all process was carried out correctly in GUI.


    Jesintha E