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Drone motor driver/controller development kit

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I am using MN4006 motor (T motor) . I want to control/monitor performance of this motor. I am new to this technology. I wanted to ask which TI development board/kit/ESC can be used as a driver/controller for this motor.

Like previously i have used piccolo28027 + DRV8305 for controlling speed of BLDC motor. SO i have downloaded CCS,Motorware & universal GUI.

Likewise for MN4006 motor which i have to use it for development of drone application so which TI development board/kit/ESC can be used as a driver/controller for this motor.

  • Hello Vaishali,

    I looked up the motor specifications and the data available is not the best, but based on the specifications I was able to find:

    Data showed 24V operation

    Max Continuous Power = 380W 

    Max Continuous Current rating = 16A

    We do not have a development kit specified for drone applications since it all depends on the motors specifications. But if you ever purchased the BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM you should be able to drive this motor with this EVM as well, it has a 45V max which gets you into the recommended voltage margin (1.5-2 times the value of VM) and it does have a 20A-peak drive current. There are a couple of other devices available but this does seem to meet your spec and you are familiar with it. The motor did not indicate if it was sensored or sensorless but this is capable of handling either one.



  • Thank you for your reply.

    Motor is sensorless.

    I have BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM but which MCU should I Use like TMS320F28027F or TMS320F28069?

    Also while selecting BOOSTXL or MCU which factors I need to consider?

    Also I am herewith attaching  pdf  in which Sensorless FOC reference design for drone ESC is explained. Can I Use it?

    high speed sensorless FOC for Drone ESC.pdf

  • Hell Vaishali,

    Yes, this is a TI reference design TIDA-00916, it contains design guides and schematics to help you develop your own design you can view the information at this link: 

    This reference design specifically uses a TMS320F28068 or TMS320F28069 so it would be best to stick with either of these.

    When selecting a booster pack module it is important to look at the voltage ratings to make sure that it can handle the voltage required by your motor (along with enough voltage margin). Another important specification is to check would be the current ratings of your motor and compare them with the current specifications of your motor driver. Type of control that the device offers, such as trapezoidal, sinusoidal, or FOC. Some say they are universal which indicates that the device does not have a built in commutation method and any of the rest can be used.

    The type of control needed helps determines what type of MCU you will need for your system. Typically something like trapezoidal can use a very simple controller but sinusoidal and FOC are more complicated and will require something with more processing power.



  • Hello Isaac,

    Thank you very much. This information really helped me a lot.

  • Hello Issac,

    One more query Can I use TMS320F28027F + DRV8305EVM for controlling MN4006 (T-motor ) instead of TMS320F28068 or TMS320F28069 ?

  • Hello Isaac,

    Can I USE TMS320F28027F + DRV8305EVM to control MN4006 (T Motor) instead of TMS320F28068 or TMS320F28069?

  • Hello Vaishali,

    You are welcome, just glad to help out.

    Can I USE TMS320F28027F + DRV8305EVM to control MN4006 (T Motor) instead of TMS320F28068 or TMS320F28069?

    Yes, you may use the TMS320F28027F,  the EVM is compatible with the LAUNCHXL-F28027F. The TIDA references using the other two 28068M or 28069M, but TMS320F28027F is capable of running InstaSPIN-FOC as well. There are some differences between the two LaunchPads such as the CPU speed 60MHz vs 90MHz and the amount of flash memory available, 64KB vs 256KB. While it will run the motor the thing I am not certain is if you will be able to perform the ESC features mentioned in the TIDA using the LAUNCHXL-F28027F since this was written using the TMS320F28069M/8M, which seems to be more powerful MCU.