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Part Number: DRV8350H-EVM

hi,   i am using this driver ic for 100% duty cycle  pwm signals input.i have connected INL signals to ground and connected INH signals to GPIO pin of controller. i am trying to make on/off INH signals but i could not see same on./off at output gate signals. the gate outputs are always high irrespective of the input. i have connected MODE pin to DVDD. IDRIVE to ground with 75K and VDS to gnd with 75K.please reply asap.

  • i have tried giving 1KHz oscilloscope signal to INH pin,then i could see output gate signals pulsing wrt input above Vm voltage upto charge pump voltage.(Given VM as 13V,output gate is varying from 13V to 23V with 1 KHz). i want to know whether this ic works for 100% duty pwm signals input?

  • Hello Uma,

    DRV8350H does work with 100% duty cycle, and the same goes for all of our charge pump devices. For the first test it sounds like you might not providing PWM from the GPIO pins since you were not seeing the signal or it is possible that the device was not enabled.



  • hi Lara,  i have connected only half bridge with single high side driver which is my application. and connected all INL signals to Ground. i have fed 0 or 3.3V at INH pins and seen the Output of Mosfet which is at the gate signal is changing from my feeding voltage to charge pump voltage(suppose from 13V to 23V approximately) due to this the MOSFETS are continuously on though i given 0V at INH pins. I tried connecting Load at the output of each fet then i could see complete turning on/off of MOSFETs as source output from fets is connected to gate driver ic. i also tried individual gate driver turning on/off by keeping remaining gate driver on always,this is also working fine.i have resolved my issue. i have also attached schematic for your reference.

    thanks for the reply

  • Hey Uma,

    Thanks for the update I am glad that you were able to get your system working. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions. Also make sure to read our documentation on motor driver layout when you get to that stage in your project I will link the app note here: