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BOOSTXL-DRV8301: krpm to rpm

Part Number: BOOSTXL-DRV8301
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In the lab 10d, it says that the speed of the motor can be set modifying gMotorVars[0].SpeedRef_krpm or gMotorVars[1].SpeedRef_krpm.   I would assume this to mean kilo revolutions per minute.  However, when I google conversions from krpm to rpm I don't find anything useful.  By default the gMotorVars[0].SpeedRef_krpm and gMotorVars[1].SpeedRef_krpm are set to 10066330 which spins my motor shaft at a medium speed.  This does not make sense though as the motor is rated at 3500rpm's.  So in turn, if I set the gMotorVars[0].SpeedRef_krpm or gMotorVars[1].SpeedRef_krpm to 1000 * 3500 it is 3,500,000, it would seem this would spin the motor very fast at top speed.  However, the motor spins very slow.  What is the correlation between krpm and rpm? The stock setting that it is set at in lab 10d of 10,066,330 krpm / 1000 would be 10,066 rpm which is way beyond this motor.  I am trying to figure out the correlation here. Any help would be appreciated.