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BOOSTXL-DRV8301: Motor drivers forum

Part Number: BOOSTXL-DRV8301
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV8301-69M-KIT, LAUNCHXL-F280049C, TMS320F280049C, CONTROLSUITE, LAUNCHXL-F28027, DRV8301, DRV8343H-Q1EVM, BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH, LAUNCHXL-F280025C

I need to integrate the BLDC motor drive  EVM - DRV8301-69M-KIT with LAUNCHXL-F280049C ( C2000 Piccolo MCU F280049C Launchpad) development kit.

Kindly suggest the possibility of integration. Also suggest any documentation need to go through to implement this.


Vikram TC 

  • Hi Vikram,

    The DRV8301-69M-KIT supports the TMDSCNCD28069MISO control card as circled below. You'll likely need to create some hardware to support this card interface with the TMS320F280049C, or review the schematic/layout of the kit to see if it is possible to interface important control signals to the DRV8301-69M-KIT. 

    The schematic/layout files for the DRV8301-69M-KIT are in ControlSUITE:


  • Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for responding , Actually we are looking for integration of BLDC drive EVM with Integrated current sense amplifier feature like  DRV8323 , DRV8353DRV8343 or DRV8301.

    we also require additional GPIO or CAN interface to integrate other devices which require additional GPIO's with SPI/ADC feature. For this reason we are more interested in LAUNCHXL-F280049C EVM than LAUNCHXL-F28027.

    All of BLDC EVM mentioned above are  integrated with either MSP430 or LAUNCHXL-F28027 for which there is limitations in GPIO and No CAN module

    I understood for interfacing DRV8301.

    I want more information for BLDC EVM's like BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH/S , DRV8353RH/S-EVM, DRV8343H-Q1EVM Whether can be integrated with LAUNCHXL-F280049C.


    Vikram TC

  • Hi Vikram,

    The BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH/S, DRV8353RH/S-EVM, and the DRV8343H-Q1EVMs are not easily integrated with the LAUNCHXL-F280049C. Out of those 3 EVMs the simplest to integrate is probably the BOOSTXL-DRV8323RH/S, however the pinout for the LAUNCHXL-F280025C and the pinout for the LAUNCHXL-F280049C is different, so using the F280049C Launchpad will require jumper wiring some of the pins from the BOOSTXL-DRV8323Rx to the correct pins on the F280049C Launchpad, and you will need to modify the code that was written for the LAUNCHXL-F280025C to set up the code according to the pinout and resources of the F280049C. 

    If you decide to do this, I can provide a pinout comparison of the launchpads to help in your code modification.


    Anthony Lodi