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Design of motor drive circuit based on LMG3422R030

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Hello Everyone,

The three-phase bridge drive circuit composed of LMG3422R030 has several damage cases during use, the specific circumstances are as follows:
1. When the three-phase bridge drives the star-connected linear motor, a pair of tubes (U_H, U_l) are damaged and a lower tube is damaged (W_) when the fuse between the two is burned due to overcurrent (U-output fuse).
2. At the moment of power-on, there are three lower tubes burned at the same time, and its logical output LDO5V should have output 5V, while the actual output voltage is 1.5V 0V 0V, two manifestations of the damage of the three lower tubes. LMG3422R030 is hot, put the hand on it obviously feel its temperature rising until the finger can not bear it

Please help to analyze the reason: is the switch tube broken or its control logic circuit damaged? What are the causes of these two kinds of damage? How to avoid such damage? What measures are there to ensure the normal operation of the pipe


  • Hi Haricky,

    What is the current level the GaN FETs are experiencing?

    To help determine whether the FET is damaged or the driver is damaged, are the U_H, U_l, W_l shorted from drain to source?


    Kyle Wolf