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[FAQ] DRV8244-Q1: How do I evaluate the SPI (P) version of DRV8243-Q1, DRV8244-Q1, or DRV8245-Q1?

Part Number: DRV8244-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV8245S-Q1LEVM

The SPI (S) and SPI (P) versions of these chips are very similar - same specs, both SPI controlled.  However, the key difference is that the (P) version uses an external 5V for the logic power supply VDD. Pin 24, the nSLEEP pin on the (S) variant, is the VDD input on the (P) variant as shown in the image below. 

The (P) version is designed for applications where the VM voltage might dip below the undervoltage threshold VVMUV of 4.5V.  The (S) version has an internal regulator and when the VM supply collapses, the register contents will be wiped out and device will reset to default.  The (P) version allows the logic to run off an external supply that is usually the same voltage as the MCU. That way as long as the DVDD supply stays at 5V the device won't lose register settings and reset.

Follow the below steps to evaluate the SPI (P) version of these devices:

  1. Order the SPI (S) version of the EVM, such as DRV8243S-Q1LEVM  DRV8244S-Q1LEVM, or DRV8245S-Q1LEVM
  2. Use a SMD hot air rework station to remove the DRV824x-Q1 (S) device, and solder down the (P) version of the device. Inspect the pins closely to ensure no shorts, and apply extra solder paste to the thermal pad if necessary. 
  3. Remove the nSLEEP jumper shunt as shown in the image below on the left.  If you're using an older version of the EVM, remove R31 as shown in the image below on the right.
  4. Apply +5V to TP4 as shown in the left image.
    1. If using the older version of the EVM apply it to the header pin of J4 to the right of R31.
  5. Follow the EVM User's Guide with the latest version of the GUI:  

DRV8245S only:  If you are using the DRV8245S-Q1LEVM, you might also need to follow this FAQ to attach a small wire connecting the nFAULT test point/header to the driver.  [FAQ] DRV8245S-Q1LEVM: How to fix the DRV8245S-Q1LEVM not connecting to GUI and nFAULT not working?