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DRV8353RS-EVM: DRV8353RS-EVM, motorware connection error

Part Number: DRV8353RS-EVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MOTORWARE, DRV8353

Previously, the online GUI was not linked, so we are proceeding it again through motorware.
The current progress is as follows.

We are following the SLVUBH8B guide.
1. Installation of CCS 6.3 or later - Installation completed

2. installation of motorware software - complete installation

3. Apply DC Power After EVM Module USB Connection - Check Connectivity and Power

4. DRV8353Rx Software Installation - Installation Completed

5. Move DRV8353Rx folder to motorware - complete

6. Get proj_lab05b via project/import - Done

7. Change custom include path - Change complete

8. Build after clean the project - Build error occurred

If you try again, you may get an error of #10010.
Did I execute it the wrong way?I'd appreciate it if you could let me know, I hope you all have a great day.

  • Hi Youngtak,

    I think your issue can be best addressed by the C2000 team. Please allow them some time to review your issue and provide an update.



  • Hello,

    What happens if you attempt to open hal_obj.h in CCS? If it fails to open, then there is likely an issue with your include path. I highly suspect this is the case. There should not be special characters in your include path- I don't think CCS knows where to find the .../src/ folder.

    Jason Osborn

  • I tried again from the beginning, but there was an error that I mentioned earlier.

    How do you resolve this error?

    The hal.h file opens normally in CCS.

    I am saving and attaching the log file.

  • Is the way I proceeded the right way?
    The error of #10010 has been fixed. However, I don't know how to find the error unresolved symbol_gDeviceVariant, first referenced in ./drv8353.obj.

    .No variable has been declared. Where is the variable declared

  • The resolution was made based on what was in the address.
    Is it possible to review whether the method is correct?
    The data I downloaded from ti is missing that part.

    The user says that "uint16_t gDeviceVariant = 0xFF;" is declared in line 109 of proj_lab05b.c. However, the data I downloaded does not declare the gDeviceVariant variable.

    The error was resolved by adding it arbitrarily.

    The file execution path is as follows.

    The installation files are as follows.
    If you don't mind, can you check if the installation file is correct

    I'm sorry for the long question.

    The path on page 7 of the guide does not match the path on the file I installed.
    My path has one more drv83xx_foc in the middle.

    I have a question about paragraph 2.2.2 on page 8 of the guide. The GUI is now connected.
    The path in No. 8 of paragraph 2.2.2 does not exist in the file I installed. I installed each of the files below. Can I create the path arbitrarily?7607.Two installation