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DRV8662: Could you please provide an unencrypted SPICE model for this driver?

Part Number: DRV8662
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TINA-TI, DRV2700


I am trying to simulate the DRV8662 in MATLAB Simscape. The first step of this process requires converting its TINA-TI model to a generic SPICE model, as described in this video. However, when I save the *.TSM file, I get the following *.CIR file:

* (C) Copyright 2011 Texas Instruments Incorporated. All rights reserved.
** This model is designed as an aid for customers of Texas Instruments.
** TI and its licensors and suppliers make no warranties, either expressed
** or implied, with respect to this model, including the warranties of
** merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The model is
** provided solely on an "as is" basis. The entire risk as to its quality
** and performance is with the customer
** Released by: Analog eLab(TM) Design Center, Texas Instruments Inc.
* Part: DRV8662
* Date: March/28/2011
* Model Type: Transient
* Simulator: TINA-TI
* Simulator Version: SF-TI
* EVM Order Number: N/A
* EVM Users Guide: N/A
* Datasheet: SLOS709 Dec 2010
* Model Version: 1.00
* Updates:
* Version 1.00
* Release to Web.
* This model generates the Boosted voltage for op-amp's supply, it also generates
* gain setting for the OPAMP, Input impedence and
* current shut down, current vs Vboost with no load and finally the start up time.


*DRV8662 (PSpice format)


* Encrypted macro. Content can't be viewed.


As you can see, the netlist is blank. I believe this is due to the *.TSM file being encrypted.

Could you please provide an unencrypted version of the *.TSM file so that I can follow TI's stated procedure for converting it to a generic SPICE model.


  • Hello, 

    Looking into the request.

    Sydney Northcutt 

  • Hello,

    We do not have an unencrypted version to share. The video was provided by our high speed amplifiers group, so the instructions shared may or may not work for every product group. 

    Sydney Northcutt 

  • Hi Sydney,

    Thanks so much for the response! That is disappointing news. I'm curious: is the reason for not having an unencrypted version due to IP issues or just because no one has gotten around to vetting and releasing it yet?

    I'm struggling to understand why it would be the former, given that TI does provide an unencrypted version of its DRV2700 SPICE model, which is very similar to a DRV8662 except with even more functionality. If the second reason is correct, is there a queue to which I can request the DRV8662's unencrypted model be added?

    Unfortunately, as a researcher, not having an unencrypted model makes it more difficult to publish simulation results because there are concerns about Open Code.

  • Hi Cameron, 

    The simulation models of DRV2700 and DRV8662 are very similar if not the same, so it will be fine to use the unencrypted version of DRV2700 to simulate DRV8662. Essentially DRV8662 was released a while back and the model was encrypted to protect IP, but then when DRV2700 was released later on this was not necessary to do. The difference between the two is that DRV2700 is screened for industrial applications where as DRV8662 is screened for consumer electronics.

    Sydney Northcutt