LMD18200: LMD18200-2D/883 Test Circuit

Part Number: LMD18200


Hi Team,

I have a questions about the test circuit in the LMD182002D/883 datasheet.

What is the role of 12Ohm resistor and a large 1200uF cap in the above test circuitry.

Have seen same question before here, but that one not completely answered. So repeating the same question.

Thanks in advance


  • Hey Harikrishnan,

    The 1200uF capacitor is the bulk capacitor, it is necessary for maintaining voltage during motor start/stop and running.  https://www.ti.com/lit/an/slta055/slta055.pdf 

    The 12Ω resistors I believe just represent a motor load.  Or in this case the test circuit, just using power resistors instead of a motor.

    Is this a new design? This device is VERY old and I highly recommend using a different device, such as DRV8262 - this device is cheaper, smaller, way more current, higher voltage rating, and has more features.  Or for a smaller package option check out DRV8251 - 50V / 4.1A in a 4.9mm x 6mm package.