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About usage of DRV8802-Q1 for 24V system

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There is a question about how of DRV8802-Q1 to use application 24 system.

Is the power supply targeting 24V system to it in this device, although the electrical characteristics of 24V is indicated to the datasheet?

I wonder  whether it can respond to load dumping that power supply voltage of abusolute maximum rating is only 47V.

How is load dumping coped with by the system of 24V system?



  • Yoshida-san, sorry I don't completely understand your question.  This device can be used in 24V systems, and it can withstand load dump events.  VM should stay less than 47V.

    If your system will have a load dump that increases the voltage above 47V, then it's recommended to add a Transient Voltage Suppressor.  That can be simply a diode that clamps the voltage.

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  • Hi Yoshida-san,

    Can you provide the exact load dump specification for your 24V system? As Ross mentioned, for voltages exceeding 47V external measures will need to be taken.

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    I am asked whether DRV8802 can bear the 60V  for  1 second.

    Then, I looked for other products.

    There is also a product  compensated 60V for the system of 24V system.

    For example, it is DRV8301.

    I wondered at this difference.
    I understood that there was a difference in the view that it is whether the measure in the exterior is necessity.




  • The DRV8301 was designed with higher-voltage transistors, to allow up to 60V.

    If you need 2 H-bridge control like the DRV8802, with 60V support, we have the DRV8711.  It's not automotive qualified though, and it's a predriver that works with external FETs.

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  • Hi,


    Thank you for reply.

    I will refer to your advice.