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DRV8312EVM 2 chips hot

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Hi there,

I got a DRV8312EVM base board with a F2806x ISO controlCARD. When I give power supply to both boards for a while, the U3(DCH010505S-isolated DC/DC converter)  and  U4(ISO1050DUB-isolated CAN transceiver) on DRV8312EVM turn hot (must above 45 Celsius), and then the MCU on F2806x ISO controlCARD will become a little hot later.

Is that normal? I searched the U3(DCH010505S) datasheet, it seems the temperature when the chip working is around 85 Celsius.

But why U4 and F28068 MCU are also hot?  Is there anyone can give me any clue? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


  • Hi angelforest,

    What it the part number of the board you are using?

    How much current is the DRV8312EVM providing? As the DRV8312 heats up, the heat spreads throughout the PCB and can heat other components.
  • Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Part Number is : DRV8312-69M-KIT. Web Link:

    2. I measured the current by multimeter. The current DRV8312EVM providing is 70mA without code running in F28069M. The current increased to 180mA while debugging without motor attached(running a modified ECAP project example given in controlsuite).

    Is the current OK?

    What is the normal operating temperature while F28069M running?

    By the way, I just found the hottest chip is VR2 regulator(12V to 5V) on DRV8312EVM.

    Best Regards

  • Hi angelforest,

    I don't have the same kit available here. I have the DRV8312-C2-KIT which contains the same baseboard with control slot. The difference is the controlCARD.

    Without the controlCARD installed, the baseboard draws 80mA at 24V. When the Piccolo Isolated F28035 controlCARD was installed, the baseboard draws 180mA at 24V.

    The current seems to be normal.