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DRV110: Can you please recommend controller IC same as DRV110 but without inbuilt thermal shutdown ?

Part Number: DRV110
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I am looking for a open loop current mode controller for relay driver and I do not seem to find any without a inbuilt thermal shutdown?

  • Hi Binod,

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  • Hello Binod,

    I need to understand a few more things about your application so I can make a good recommendation.

    Why is thermal shutdown not a desirable feature for you?

    What is the intended operating temperature range of your end equipment?

    What do you mean by "open loop current mode controller?" The DRV110 uses a current-sense resistor to implement hysteresis current control.

    If possible, could you please share a schematic so I can better understand how you want to implement this in your system?

  • Its for down hole application where we are running up to 180 degree Celsius. We are running a electromechanical relay with Led driver HV9910B from supertex but it has some inherent issues. I see that TI has relay driver DRV110 but it has inbuilt thermal shutdown which prohibits from using in our applications. I cannot share  schematic because of company policy.  The driver is meant to run a relay like in DRV110. Let me know if you have any recommendations.



  • Binod,

    The HV9910B datasheet says that the maximum operating temperature is 125C. Currently the DRV110 datasheet has a maximum operating temperature of 105C. However, we have tested it up to 125C, and we are planning to re-release the datasheet with the extended temperature range. If the temperature is kept within this range, the DRV110 would be a good replacement for the HV9910B.

    If you plan to operate a device at 180C, you need to select a device with its operating temperature specified to include that temperature. The HV9910B is not specified to survive that temperature. I know other product lines in TI have devices that can accommodate very high temperatures, but It will take me a little time to find a good contact.

    I have a couple more questions about your relays:
    - What is the supply voltage you need for the relay, and what are its current requirements?
    - Do you need the peak and hold current function that the DRV110 provides, or are you mainly looking for a product that can implement current control?

    Also, are you currently in contact with anyone from your local field sales office? If you send me the following information in a private message, I can try to find a local TI contact who can help with device selection.

    - Company Name
    - Your full name
    - Email Address
    - Phone number
    - Project name or description
    - Expected production date
    - Estimated yearly volume
  • I know that HV9910B has operating temperature of 125C but we have tested upto 175C for our application. If you can recommend me any TI products like DRV110 but without inbuilt thermal shutdown we will be glad to test for our application.
  • Binod,

    Here are some products I think are similar that could work for you. I'll email the product lines who own these parts internally with a link to this thread so they can provide further comments.

  • Hi Binod,

    You may consider using TPS40210-HT current mode controller this part is targeted for down-hole applications and is rated for 210C.