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DRV2605L: Why can't I find a Hap-Touch boosterpack for sale anywhere?

Part Number: DRV2605L
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV2625EVM-CT, DRV2605EVM-CT, DRV2625, DRV2625EVM-MINI

The TI site says the Hap-Touch boosterpak is still available at Newark but they don't list it.

Not on TI store as it goes to Newark for the sale.

So what's the deal? 

  • Hi Barry,

    This design is no longer supported. I'm sorry for the confusion. We are removing the design from the TI website. It was supposed to be removed last year. Is there anything from the haptic design that I can help you with specifically?
  • I would like a simple and low cost concept demonstrator like this was. I have ordered an Adafruit i2c board for use with arduino but this boosterpack would be more ideal. I want to experiment with converting metal detector audio for users that have hearing trouble. Already done in a detector called Makro Racer 2. Is the Bluetooth kit still available? Shame the boosterpack was killed but I guess I can order on ebay from China and wait a few weeks. Element14 in UK had a good sale on them but probably shipping is a killer. Maybe your so CA office has one sitting around?

  • I will check around for a HapTouch, but this is an old demo.
    The DRV2605EVM-BT is available, but the current Apple app does not work. We will be removing this EVM and replacing it with a DRV2625EVM-BT (very similar EVM but with our new driver and an updated app). If you want to evaluate with the DRV2605EVM-BT, I can send you a pre-release Apple app that can be installed using the free version of Apple's Swift Developer program.
  • Bluetooth would be interesting to try given the "Basslet" Kickstarter project suggestion that the vibration heightens the human response more than expected. But probably a wired solution would be more affordable and better to start with for me.
  • Could you use one of the current EVMs like DRV2625EVM-CT or DRV2605EVM-CT? We also have the DRV2625EVM-MINI that is ideal for making prototypes. With the DRV2625, you can actually tie NRST, TRIG, and VDD together and when you pull them all high, the driver will startup and drive a LRA with default settings. If you have access to a GPIO that can source ~300mA, you can use it to drive the EVM-Mini and get a prototype up and running pretty quickly.
  • It looks to me that the DRV2625 doesn't support the audio-vibe behavior and I think I will need that. Many metal detectors have unique pitches for different target ID's - it would be interesting to see how well the IDs transfer to a haptic motor device.
  • Yes, the DRV2625 does not have audio-to-vibe. However, audio-to-vibe is meant for bass sounds, <200Hz. I think the tones you will be dealing with may be higher frequencies. The 25 and 05 have the integrated waveform library, so there are many different waveforms that you can assign to particular tones using a MCU.
  • Hi Barry,

    Do you have any additional questions on this thread?
  • No, I haven't had a lot of time to work more on this, but still intend to.

  • Hi Kelly,

    The pre-release app supports the DRV2605EVM-BT on iOS10? Could you send it my way? I just purchased this kit hoping I could plug and play but crashing on iOS10 is making this a non-starter.