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DRV10974: Choosing the COrrect Motor Driver based on Motor Specs

Part Number: DRV10974
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DRV10975, DRV10975EVM, DRV10983, DRV10987, BQ25790, BQ40Z50-R2

I am planning on using the DRV10974 IC to drive a motor with the following characteristics... Is it possible? or should I use the DRV10975? Please advise.


Supply Voltage 12V to 18V

DC Brushless-Sensorless

4 poles in 2 pole pairs

counter clockwise rotation

Drive is 3 phase bipolar

Rotation speed 10k to 32k RPM

Maximum input coil current 1.8 A rms

power consumption 14 W max

power supply current 0.56 A max

Torque constant 0.0015 ~ 0.0018 Nm/A

coil inductance 24 ~ 28 microH

Coil Resistance 0.36 ~ 0.5 ohms

Rotor inertia 10.1 gcm2

  • Hi Moh,

    Thanks for providing all the information.

    I would recommend using DRV10975 over DRV10974 for below reasons:

    1. Phase winding current for DRV10975 is 1.5A (continuous) which is within the motor spec. Phase current for DRV10974 is 1A (continuous).

    2. BEMF constant Kt (mV/Hz) is 5.65 mV/Hz for your motor. Min Kt in DRV10975 is 1 mV/Hz so there is some margin. Min Kt in DRV10974 is 5 mV/Hz (less margin).

    3. DRV10975 has EEPROM memory so the Spin-Up Profile can be customized with EEPROM whereas DRV10974 has OTP (One time programmable) memory. Also DRV10975 can be tuned using DRV10975EVM and GUI. 

    4. Min phase to center tap resistance in DRV10975 is 0.3 ohm which is within the motor spec. Min phase to center tap resistance in DRV10974 is 1.0 ohm



  • Thank You for the response.

    Which would be a better fit for my application? Based on my motor spec? DRV10974? DRV10983? DRV10987?

    They are all pin-for-pin compatible?

    Please advise?


  • As suggested in my previous post, DRV10975 will be a good option. But if you have an option to choose DRV10987, then I would highly recommend using DRV10987 because this device has some additional features like load dump protection, Over-voltage protection, Slew rate control etc.  

    DRV10975, DRV10983 and DRV10987 are pin to pin compatible.



  • Thank you very much for your feedback.

    BTW: Do you have a TI Reference Schematic/Design/PCB that already implements the following Battery Management System OR "major portions" of this concept? I prefer a Buck-Boost-Charger solution. We are using 4S1P 18650- batteries. Please advise.

  • Also, I am thinking of using the BQ25790 - what Gauge and Balancer should I be using with the BQ25790?

    Please advise


  • Hi Moh,

    An expert from the Power management team will get back to you on this. Thanks.



  • Hi Vishnu,

    I would recommend looking at BQ40z50-R2 for your 4S application. If you have more questions, please post a new thread under this device so our gauge team can assist you.



  • Thank you for the response on the DRV10987. We have decided to design with DRV 10987.

    Question: I will be using Analog input with potentiometer control. I will be using different motor with different rotation speeds. Can I tune DRV10987 to start each motor at its minimum  rotation speed for  same Analog input voltage in the pcb?