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DRV8874: DRV8874 PMODE

Part Number: DRV8874

Hi there, my team is using three of the DRV8874 for BDC bidirectional control. We wish to use these drivers in PWM mode where PMODE = HIGH.

1. Is there any problem with PMODE = 5V while we use a 3.3V PWM?

2.. For unidirectional PWM control, can we tie IN2 to 5V and use 3.3V PWM on IN1?

3. 5V is connected to a load switch which will be turned off in low power mode. Any concerns with the driver glitching due to the different PMODES? During this turn off time, the drivers will also be shutdown

Would it be beneficial in keeping PMODE tied low for simplicity sakes?


  • Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for posting to the motor driver forum.

    1. Yes. If you look at the recommended operating conditions table on the datasheet, the max logic input voltage is 5.5V so you can have PMODE=5V and IN1/IN2=3.3V PWM.
    2. Yes. Just make sure that the voltage of IN1 and IN2 stay below the recommended 5.5V
    3. There should not be any issues as long as the 5V is connected to the PMODE pin when driver is activated.
    4. If you want to use PWM control interface, then you'll have to tie PMODE to 5V. However, after device is placed in sleep mode, you can tie PMODE low to reduce power consumption but the PMODE needs to be HIGH when waking up the driver to use PWM control interface.