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DRV8889-Q1EVM: Motor Control using GUI

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Part Number: DRV8889-Q1EVM


I am working with DRV8889-Q1EVM and a stepper motor by Portescape whose current rating is 550mA, voltage is 12V.

When I drive the motor in "Step Mode", it works fine but in "Speed Mode" there seems to be an issue. It starts fine, rotates until the target speed (500pps or 1000pps changed in GUI) after this, it stops rotating but I can hear the sound of the motor. After this, I click "Stop Steps" and it rotates and comes to stop according to Stop Speed specified. 

I don't know what is causing the issue, I am driving the motor at a voltage of 12V and current of 400mA currently. 

Thank you,

Arshya Tabassum