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DRV8308EVM: MSP430 Programmer

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Part Number: DRV8308EVM


I'm i'm using DRV8308-EVM to evaluate scroll compressor.

  1. Can you please let me know how to program MSP430 in DRV8308-EVM? Can I use Micro USB cable (through J3 Micro USB connector) to program MSP430 as I see that USB-UART transceiver, FT232R is already available in EVM?
  2. Please let me know which Spy-Bi-Wire debugger to be used to program MSP430? Can you please share MSP430 programmer model number that can be connected to EVM's Spy-Bi-Wire connector (4-pins J2 connector)? 

  • Sadishva,

    To program the DRV8308 we use the firmware in the post below and a MSP-EXP430G2 through the 4 pin connector:

    We load the firmware into Code Composer Studio and then use the .OUT file to flash the MSP430 after selecting the MSP430G2553 target configuration.

    Please note that this is what we do during the EVM production and there is limited support from us if you choose to flash the board yourself.