DRV8308: DRV8308 fault when connect to a controller

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Part Number: DRV8308

Hi, I have an issue with the DRV8308's FAULT register.

I am using an MCU of microchip dsPIC33 to control the DRV8308. The Problem is, I have configured the registers correctly and the read value of the registers is the same as I expected. But after I complete the configuration and give the DRV8308 a PWM signal, the value of register 0x2A becomes 0x0059, which is CPFAIL, UVLO, and OCP bits are 1 and even the reserved bit 6, and the FAULTn pin turns active. This happens not only when the PWM signal is given, but when a signal from MCU is sent. This recovers when I disconnect the MCU and the DRV8308, then the FAULTn pin becomes normal, obviously I can't control the motor in this situation.

Here are the value of the registers:

0x00        0x0111

0x01        0x0000

0x02        0x04FF

0x03        0x4800

0x04        0x40D2

0x05        0x0000

0x06        0x0000

0x07        0x0000

0x08        0x0000

0x09        0x0000

0x0A        0xF000

0x0B        0x0000

The value of 0x2A before configuration is 0x0018 ( default value ).

This confuses me, so hope that there is anyone who can help me.

The schematic is inserted and let me know if there is any other information is required.DRV8308_2.pdf

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