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Hi team,

1. When the motor is coasting, the phase current should flows through parasitic diode of MOSFET. So the voltage on U,V,W should be either 0V or VCC. Is it right?

2. The spin direction is judged by zero crossings of the BEMF voltage, so what the UVW represents in following picture?

3. What's the meaning of "±" in the comparators?

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  • 1. When the motor is coasting , phase voltage U,V and W will be the BEMF voltage which will be trapezoidal or sinusoidal depending on the stator winding.

    2. U, V and W are the BEMF voltages. These voltages are compared to detect the zero crossing of the BEMF voltage while the motor is coasting. 

    3. The comparator takes positive and negative signals as inputs so I think it should be negative.