DRV10983: Coast and reverse drive

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Part Number: DRV10983

Hi team,

What's the difference between coast and reverse drive? Why the driver IC should coast when reverse speed is high? I think coast and reverse drive have the same effect on pulling VCC up.


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  • Hi Naizeng,

    Coasting is when the motor spins by itself due to inertia. During coasting, all the FETs will be in High-Z. If reverse drive feature is enabled, and if the RevDrThr is higher than the coasting speed, device waits till the speed reaches RevDrThr and the device drives the motor ((by switching FETs) through zero speed till Op2ClsThr frequency. Coasting time might be higher for large inertia motors. Reverse drive feature helps when the user wants to quickly stop driving the motor in reverse direction and start driving the motor in forward direction.