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DRV10987: How to set Motor max current & control inrush current during speed change .

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Part Number: DRV10987

Hi ,

We are using DRV10987 IC  design with  power supply  24V/ 1.5A(max)  . Motor is successfully  running in Open to closed loop but  when  speed command change  450 to 511 then  supply current goes to  1.8A  ( Tested in another power supply 24V/2A ) & then settle down to 1.5A . We have set software current limit setting is1.4A & Hardware current setting is 1.8A  then motor is lock ( not transfer successfully open to closed loop ) . We already set closed accel is minimum value . set Please suggest  which pararmeter to set our motor max current  1.5A .&  how to control inrush current during speed change .