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DRV8711: Voltage regulation mode

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Part Number: DRV8711

Hi team,

I've been searching for voltage mode control stepper drivers, I found DRV8711 on Stepper motor drivers – Products page, which says it has voltage regulation feature. But I found nothing in datasheet about voltage mode control. Can this driver be used in voltage mode? Do we have any other voltage control drivers? Thanks.

  • Abraham,

    The voltage regulator feature is just speaking to the integration of a 5V LDO.  

    The internal stepper control is current based.  

    However, this device does have a PWM input, so you can build a voltage mode loop around it with an external micro-controller.  We have several integrated devices with PWM inputs as well like the DRV8412.  

    Is there a specific reason you want to do voltage mode control vs. current mode?  

    What is the needed current/voltage for your application?

    Ryan Kehr

    Motor Drive Application Manager

  • In reply to Ryan Kehr:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    One of our customers is evaluating  DRV8426 but the current waveform is distorted at speed 6400 1/8 micro-steps per second, and there is audible noise as well. I've tried all configurations and the best performance of DRV8426 still cannot eliminate the distortion and noise, so I was searching for a voltage control mode driver in order to decrease noise since current changes smoothly in voltage control mode.

    DRV8711 is the only TI part I found which has a voltage regulator. 

    Best regards,

    Abraham Rashid

  • In reply to Abraham Rashid:


    We currently don't have any devices that have voltage mode control integrated into the device. 

    Ryan Kehr

    Motor Drive Application Manager