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DRV8889-Q1: Microstepping modes

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Part Number: DRV8889-Q1


I have a question about the microstepping of DRV8889-Q1. I am trying to run the stepper motor using 1/256 micro-stepping mode. 

Not trying to sound ignorant but when the motor is running in 1/256 micro-step mode, does that mean it needs 256 PWM pulses for completing one step?

Thank you,

Arshiya Tabassum

  • Hi Arshiya,

    Yes, you have it right.

    This means you will have 51,200 steps/ rev.  In a typical 1.8 deg/ step stepper motor, you have 200 steps/ rev (360/ 1.8).  Take the steps/ rev of the motor (200 in this case), and multiply by the number of microsteps to get 256 * 200 = 51,200 steps/ rev.