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BOOSTXL-DRV8323RS: Confirmation with 15A continuous / 20A peak H-bridge output current

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Part Number: BOOSTXL-DRV8323RS

Hi Team,

Our customer would like to confirm about this feature of BOOSTXL-DRV8323RS: 15A continuous / 20A peak H-bridge output current

Does it mean that it can consistently output 15A and spike to 20A every random times?



  • Hello Jonathan,

    From a HW, PCB, and FETs current carrying capability, these current specs are not a problem. You are correct, the specification means 15A(RMS) applied to motor, and 20A spikes which contributes a negligible amount of current for the RMS calculation (note: negligible usually means the spike does not appear in periodically within a motor commutation period).

    Note the "15A continuous / 20A peak H-bridge output current" is a typical marketing specification advertised on the product page, and the use case most tested. The hardware can take a higher current or less current. For the higher current, FETs and shunt resistors need to be considered for the specific ratings and even replaced if necessary. 

    I just want to emphasize that the DRV8323 is a gate driver. This means the FETs, that actually carry and deliver the current into the motor, are separate from the device. As mentioned above, the FETs are rated for that current so there's no problem.