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DRV10975: AVS and register programming on DRV10975

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Part Number: DRV10975


If I have system with input voltage (VCC) is 12V, if the VCC voltage is cut, will the AVS function still work? When does the IC cut off this functionality?

On the programming, how does the different modes affects the register programming :

1. If I exit standby mode, do I need to re-program the driver IC parameters?

2. If I use the DRV10975 variant which has the sleep mode, do I need to re-program the driver IC parameters when I exit sleep mode?



  • Hello Christina,

    Thanks for your question.

    Mechanical AVS doesn't cover the case where power is cut because it uses Ke estimation to make that decision - the driver needs to be powered ON and current needs to be sensed.

    The DRV10975 has EEPROM (NVM) which can be configured, so you do not need to re-program the parameters for power down, sleep mode, or standby mode once the EEPROM is set.



  • In reply to Matt Hein:

    Hi Matt,

    Since Inductive AVS is not available for this device, does this mean the device is not protected from inductive energy flyback from the motor BEMF?

    What recommendation do we provide to customer on system level protection against inductive flyback?




  • In reply to Christina Lim:

    Hi Christina,

    No, this device will not prevent inductive energy from pumping up the supply.

    As a system level mitigation we do recommend sizing the supply bulk capacitors appropriately to absorb the energy without exceeding the abs max ratings of the IC. As a last resort, a TVS can be added to clamp the supply voltage.