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DRV8874: Regarding the typical value of electrical characteristics

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Part Number: DRV8874

I have a question regarding the Electrical Characteristics of DRV8874.

Since tPD, tRISE, tFALL, in the data sheet are typical values
Even if you refer to the measurement result, you cannot judge whether it works normally.
Will it work properly with the following tPD, tRISE, and tFALL times?

tPD: 802ns
tRISE: 84ns
tFALL: 240ns

Thank you.

  • Hello,

    The converter works if tPD is stable; tRISE and tFALL doesn't cause the EMI issue.

    Please share the waveform if tPD is 802ns and tFALL is 240ns.

    Best Regards,

    Wang Li

    Motor Drive Solutions