DRV2511-Q1: Generating sinusoidal motion on voicecoil using Haptic Control Console

Part Number: DRV2511-Q1

We are trying to drive SUPT-motion VCAH0015-0062-00A voice coil actuator using DRV2511-Q1EVM

The specs of the VCA mentioned the peak force as 15N and average force as 6.2N. We want to generate sinusoidal motion pattern on this VCA.

We are using Haptic Control Console for this purpose using WaveBuilder. we would like to generate a sinusodal motion with frequency varying from 5hz to 20hz.

Can you please guide us how to achieve this.

  • Hello, 

    I am looking into this thread and will respond as soon as possible. 

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    Justin Beigel

  • Hi Justin,

    Here are a few more observations 

    As shown in the WaveBuilder window of 'HCC GUI' the average current shown is 150mA at 18.7V supply voltage and peak force measured  1.1N 

    when we directly connect coil to the power supply we see current of 1A at 18.7V supply voltage and peak force measured 6.8N.

    the coil specs similar to the one in the link below 


    Product number Peak thrust (N) Continuous thrust 25℃(N) Total stroke (mm) Maximum voltage (V) Anti-electric advantage (V/m/S) Mover mass (g) Stator diameter (mm) Coil entry length (mm)
    VCAR0015-0062-00A 15 6.5 6.2 26.2 9.75 14.8 33 25.6



  • Hello Omkar, 

    The default data in the text box in the Haptics Control Console is a full scale sine wave. You can change the frequency of this by adjusting the time between steps. For example, 5Hz would be 200ms and 20Hz would be 5ms. 

    As for setting the power of the output, you can adjust this by changing the data points to not hit full scale or by adjusting the gain on the device.

    Hope this helps.

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    Justin Beigel