FOC in Open Loop

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I am planning to buy one of the evaluation kits DRV8312-69M-KIT. But before i buy want to understand some of the concepts of FOC specially Id, iq and their relation with respect to board currents. One algorithm i came up is first to understand the open loop FOC. 

FOC in Open loop

  1. Read the Phase Currents I_a, I_b, I_c
  2. Perform Clarke Transform to give I_alpha, I_beta
  3. Increase the rotor angle Theta every 10degrees each iteration.
  4. Perform the Park Transform on I_apha, I_beta , Theta to give I_d, I_q
  5. Let the I_qRef and I_dRef be defined. (If the peak current of the board is let us say 3 Amps then a. maximum of I_qRef can be 3 and Id_Ref=0.
  6. The I_qRef can be decreased and the Id_Ref can be increased but provided the rule    (I_S^2 = I_qRef^2 + I_dRef^2 is maintained, Here I_s=3 amps) 
  7. Apply PI_Q and PI_D to get V_SqRef and V_SdRef.
  8. Apply inverse park transform to get V_SalphaRef and V_SbetaRef.
  9. Apply SVPWM and calculate the PWM duty cycles and apply to motor.

Is the above logic correct? My question is on step3 where i increase the rotor angle every 10Degrees (I have selected randomly). And step5, step6 is my understanding correct? Please help.