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TPS780: Drop out voltage question

Part Number: TPS780


would someone be able to clarify the drop out voltage of the TPS780330220 for me please?

I intend to use the device with an output voltage of 3.3v fixed and an input voltage of 3.6V and a load current of between 5-10mA. 

I see on the data sheet that the drop out voltage is given as 200mv at 150ma. I am looking at the dropout voltage graphs and I am not clear on what drop out voltage I expect at my load current. The condition on the drop out graphs show input voltage as being 95% of output voltage which won’t be the case in my application. 

could someone please confirm the drop out voltage for my application please ?


  • Hello,

             You have correctly read that the maximum dropout is 250mV for a load current of 150mA. This indicates that the maximum value of the FET resistor RDS ON is 250mV/150mA = 1.67Ohms. For a load current 5-10mA, the maximum dropout voltage would hence be ~17mV (1.67Ohms*10mA). Figure 10 of the datasheet shows a graph of Dropout for various load currents, and the dropout deduced from this graph at 5-10mA load current would be a typical value smaller than the max value of 17mV.