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UCC28782: General comparison with UCC28780

Part Number: UCC28782
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC28780,


I would like to know what are the mean features of the UCC28782 in comparison with the UCC28780. It appears like they have similar controle modes of the Active Clamp Flyback and similar protections.

I'm using the UCC28780 for a low power supply aerospace application : 

Vin = 115V ; 400Hz

Vout = 30V ; 30W

Knowing that my main interests are to increase the efficiency of my power supply while successfully passing DO160 EMI standards, is it more advantageous for my application to switch to UCC28782 ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

  • Hi Mohamed,

    The key features added to the UCC28780 to improve the power density are as follows:

    1. Improved EMI dithering to help improve EMI margin by up to ~7dBuV

    2. Integrated bias power - This is an optional circuit intended to better support USB Type-C PD applications where the output can vary from 5 to 20V. The benefit of this circuit is to simplify the transformer design. For USB Type-C PD applications this can save 4 external components and an auxiliary transformer winding. 

    3. Active X-Capacitor discharge - This saves 6 components over the UCC28780

    4. Programmable standby power - This now uses a single resistor to set the standby power threshold whereas with the UCC28780 this was done with an external circuit. This removes around 9 components if implemented externally.

    5. Improved burst auto-compensation - This improves the stability in and out of light load mode without external components. This removes 5 components if implemented discretely. 

    6. Dynamic gate drive control - Optimizes gate drive for Si or GaN 

    7. HIgher maximum switching frequency - The UCC28782 has a maximum switching frequency of 1.5MHz. The UCC28780 was only 1Mhz (Note most customers are running these under 500kHz),

    I hope this answers your questions.

  • Hello JCHK,

    Thank you so much for your answer.