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BQ28Z610: Initial setting for BQ28Z610 gas gauge

Part Number: BQ28Z610
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: EV2400, BQSTUDIO

Hi team,

My customer is using our gauge BQ28Z610,

There are two question as below.

  • Whether Gas Gauge-BQ28Z610 requires the init process after power up to ensure the normal operation.
  • If Init process is not performed, can register 0x8 ~ 0xD read the value? They are reading these reg are read 0 now.

The pack+ is 0 for now.  Thank for your help in advance.

  • Feng Bin Su,

    Yes all TI gauges will have an initialization period to take the fist voltage readings. You should poll for the [INIT] bit to know when the gauge has completed initialization and is ready for the data to be trusted. Initialization should take at max around 2 seconds, but often much smaller. The actual time depends on the capacity simulation time which varies under different conditions.


    Eric Vos

  • Hi Eric,


    We have used EV2400 to connect to the chip but we did not recognize Gauge IC.

    The bq28z610 Firmware v0.17 (Rev. B) is seen at and the bqz and rec are seen after the download

    Would like to consult with you which file to burn in? If not, what is the behavior of Gauge? Thank for your help.

  • Fend bin Su,

    When you load bqStudio if it does not autodetect what is the string you get as the return from the gauge?


    Eric Vos

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks. We can read the IC when change another board.  

    May we know how to update the srec file? We cannot update the srec file at firmware and programing interface.  Thank for your help in advance.

  • Feng bin Su,

    The device is not communicating when you are trying to program. My guess would be you are going into shutdown mode. Please apply a voltage > 3V to the pack+ pin to keep the device awake when trying to do the upgrade.


    Eric Vos

  • Hi Eric,

    My customer has connected from 3.7V to Pack+, and they can read temperature, FW board, SDV bit is Active

    It seems that it haven't left shutdown mode. Hence, we still cannot update the FW. Is there any issue at hardware side or missing anything?

    Due to customer is not very familiar with GAS gaue, there is some question would like to consult with you as below.

    • Why it will show lock picture as the below figure? Does it mean shutdown mode and how do we disable it?
    • Do we need to run calibration every pcs of DUT?   Should we update the FW or calibration for the IC at  production.

    Thank for your help.

  • Hi Eric,

    We have tested the voltage of Pack+. Ch1 is pack+ and it shows like a triangle waveform as below figure. It seems the mosfet on-off.

    The register status is shown as below figure. Sorry, customer and I are not very familiar with  our Gauge. Is there any protection function trigger to induce the IC still at shutdown mode?

  • Feng Ben,

    You have a cell low voltage active. With this low voltage the device is trying to go to shutdown mode, but since you have voltage on the pack pin the device is waking right away. 


    Eric Vos