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LMG1020: LMG1020 replace

Part Number: LMG1020

Dear Expert,

Good day!

Our customer want to use the higher version of LMG1020 . they need the device support Minimum Input Pulse Width <1 ns .  Up to 20 MHz Operation will be fine , other requirements will be same as LMG1020.

I had checked our products list , I do not find any device can fulfill these requirements , please help me to confirm it , because I'm not very familiar with this kind of products.




  • Hi Leon,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Our LMG1020 supports the smallest Minimum Input Pulse Width that I am aware of (1ns typical).  The LMG1025 supports 1.25ns typical.

    The <1ns Minimum Input Pulse Width is an aggressive spec to try and hit.  20MHz is no issue at all (assuming the gate driver load is not too heavy)

    May I please get more detail of the application?


    Aaron Grgurich

  • Hi Aaron 

    Thank you for your reply .

    Actually ,the customer had test the LMG1020 ,  they found it is very hard to get the Input Pulse Width in 1ns , that is why they need us to provide new recommendation , I had provide this reference design to the customer

    But I am not sure this reference design performance will fulfill the customer requirement , they only focus on the Input Pulse Width now , base on their design , the customer want to choose a more accurate device to improve the performance , so if our products`  min Input Pulse Width is 1ns .I will tell them to try other solutions .



  • Leon,

    The LMG1020 is our fastest driver at the moment.  They should be able to use the LMG1020 with 1ns input pulses.

    Regarding the customer's issues; are they having issues with the LMG1020:

    1) Recognizing the 1ns input pulses?  (Confirm through scope captures that their input rise / fall times are quick enough)

    2) Output ringing?  (Confirm that thick gate traces are used, along with small ground loops)

    Their problems may be due to less than ideal layout (trace inductance, etc causing ringing).

    If needed, I can help with a layout review.


    Aaron Grgurich