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BQ25570EVM-206: Terminal

Part Number: BQ25570EVM-206
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Dear Customer Support Center

Now, I am designing a device which is consisted of a solar cell, a secondary battery and a power management IC.

The solar cell generates an electric power energy which is storaged at the secondary battery.

The power management IC feeds the electric power energy from the secondary battery to a load by constant voltage.

From this design concept as above, I've selected BQ25570 EVM.

I would like to ask three questions about each terminal of BQ25570 EVM.

Q1. Are there any problems if a secondary battery connects to the VSTORE terminal?

  In fact, I've connected a secondary battery to the VBAT terminal.

Q2. Does the VBAT_OK terminal affect anything inside BQ25570 if J13 terminal connects nothing?

Q3. Is the connection from the following JP1 to JP6 correct when using BQ25570 EVM under the design concept as above?

  JP1: NC JP2: GND JP3: VSTORE JP4: 80% JP5: GND JP6: NC

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

M. Muramoto

  • Hi M. Muramoto,

    Regarding Q1, no problems.  The only benefit to connecting to VBAT terminal is the PFET between VSTOR and VBAT which provides undervoltage protection.

    Regarding Q2, it is okay to leave VBAT_OK floating.

    Regarding Q3, all are ok except JP5.  Tying JP5 to ground prevents the MPP circuit from operating correctly.  I recommend leaving it floating.



  • Dear Jeff


    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I have understood your answers well and will click This resolved my issue later.

    I would like to ask for your cooperation if there is questions about TI products.


    Best Regards,

    M. Muramoto